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Creators - The Masterminds Behind The Legendary Stages Of KPOP Stars

We have invited the producers of PLAN A, one of the major production companies specializing in K-POP concerts to find out more about what directors do to make K-POP concerts possible and how they perfectly materialize artists ideas and visions. Kim Sangwook, the mastermind of 2013-2019 BTS World Tour Concert and Seo Donghyeon, the director of the stage of ATEEZ in "Kingdom" on Mnet will be with us! The creative minds of PLAN A will join us to share insights and stories behind K-POP concerts that are expanding the scope to TV broadcasting in the midst of the pandemic.


Yoonha Kim

Music Critics

Youngdae Kim

Music Critics

Kevin Kim

PLAN A CEO / Head Producer / Creative Director

Wally Seo

PLAN A Producer / Creative Director